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Qatar world cup 2022: this is how Europe's play-offs were drawn up. Portugal and Italy in the same playoff path, one will be left out of the Qatar World Cup 2022. Find out here the keys to the European playoffs. Italy's national team will face cricket online betting North Macedonia and Portugal's national team will face Turkey in the semifinals of the playoff for the Qatar World Cup 2022 to be played on March 24, according to the draw made this Friday by FIFA to decide the last three European teams.

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If both get through this clash, fun88 app they will have to meet in the play india lottery in final on the 29th to be played in Portugal.


Semifinal draw (24-March)

  1. 1. Scotland-Ukraine
  2. 2. Wales-Austria
  3. 3. Russia-Poland
  4. 4. Sweden-Czech Republic
  5. 5. Italy-Northern Macedonia
  6. 6. Portugal-Turkey

Final Draw (29-March)

winner 2 (Wales-Austria) - winner 1 (Scotland-Ukraine)
winner 3 (Russia-Poland) - winner 4 (Sweden-Czech Republic)
winner 6 (Portugal-Turkey) - winner 5 (Italy-Macedonia)

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After the qualification phase, Denmark, fun88 app Belgium, France, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland and the Netherlands, representing UEFA, secured their presence in Qatar.


Fun88 The hosts, along with Brazil and Argentina, have also guaranteed their participation in the competition, which will be played from November 21 to December 18 next year.


The draw for the Qatar 2022 intercontinental play-offs was as follows

11:45 a.m.: The draw for the play-offs has been completed. Thanks for joining us on RPP and see you next time.
11:44 a.m.: The team that goes to the playoffs in the South American qualifiers will face its Asian counterpart.


International playoff matchups:

- Asian Confederation vs. Conmebol
- CONCACAF vs. Oceania Confederation


11:40 a.m.: CONCACAF will be the B team in the first round. That is, it will face the Asian Confederation.
11:39 a.m. | Asian Confederation will be the A team in the first bracket.
11:38 a.m. | The playoffs that include Conmebol will be played in June, in a single match, in Qatar.
11:30 a.m. | The locations of each of Europe's playoff playoff brackets are defined by drawing lots.
- The winner of Wales vs. Austria will host the winner of Scotland vs. Ukraine.
- The winner of Russia vs. Poland will be at home to the winner of Sweden vs. Czech Republic.
- The winner of Portugal vs. Turkey will be at home to the winner of Italy vs. North Macedonia.
11:26 a.m. The European match-ups have been defined. The winners of each match in each bracket will face each other. Finally, there will be three qualifiers.

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E1 A: Scotland vs. Ukraine
E2 A: Wales vs. Austria
E1 B: Russia vs. Poland
E2 B: Sweden vs. Czech Republic
E1 C: Italy vs. North Macedonia
E2 C: Portugal vs. Turkey